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Music In Tulsa

Designed a web application that facilitates users in discovering Tulsa musicians while establishing connections between artists and new fans. Crafted the front-end using React and Typescript, enhancing user experience with client-side routing via React Router. Provided an extensive directory of Tulsa musicians and bands, featuring images, social media links, music samples, and embedded Spotify players. Enabled user registration, authentication, and collaborative updates to a NoSQL database. Enforced user roles, enabling administrators to oversee and approve pending submissions, ensuring content quality and user safety. Leveraged Firebase Backend as a Service (BaaS) to develop a real-time database, user profiles, and cloud functions, streamlining data management. Orchestrated a seamless CI/CD pipeline using Google Cloud Build, ensuring the swift and reliable deployment of updates and enhancements.


Typescript, React, GCP, Firebase, Cloud Functions

Aug 2023-Present